OptiGrid Stored Energy Solutions

Increasing demand on power

Over the past 20 years, blackouts have increased 124%. Power outages not only jeopardize public health and safety, they impact the local economy through equipment failure, lost productivity, and spoiled food. As our society becomes more and more dependent on technology, the consequences of power failure will be even greater. Be prepared with stored energy solutions from EnerSys.

Depend on the power of OptiGrid

Utilities are discovering significant benefits through the integration of large battery systems into their power grid structure. That’s why EnerSys is proud to offer OptiGrid Stored Energy Solutions – a flexible, turnkey, utility-scale capacity optimization system.

EnerSys can help you stabilize your power grid by regulating voltage and frequency and ramp control. The OptiGrid solution will help you manage grid-level storage needs and meet Federal Energy Regulatory Commission rules. You can improve your power quality and efficiency, moderate peak demand, and integrate renewable resources.

Reduce strain on transmission and distribution

Delivering power over aging, congested lines during peak demand can result in power loss. By storing power close to the load with the OptiGrid system, you can relieve this strain on your transmission and distribution infrastructure.

Peace of mind

Don’t let blackouts and brownouts put your community and economy at risk. Contact EnerSys today to see how the OptiGrid solution can be customized to your needs.